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Our first Romania website was based on a booklet we produced some years ago to supplement a Romanian dance syllabus.

Since then we have enlarged the website to cover many aspects of Romanian folklore and history, and it now contains ~1800 image files, ~700 pages

Costume photo galleries

Romania photo galleries


In time we hope to expand it to complement our "Romania" site. 

Costumes photo galleries

Links to our friends

Delyan Demirev - Bulgarian dance teacher

"Vupros" music group

The "Vupros" ensemble was formed by dancers from the Martisorul Romanian dance group and the Oxford Balkan dance group, plus other friends.

We play a combination of traditional Bulgarian instruments such as the Tupan (large drum), Darabulka (small drum), Tamboura (long necked lute) together with the accordion, clarinet, sax, electric guitar and electric bass.

Our repertoire is based around dance music from Bulgaria with the addition of dance music from the neighbouring countries of Romania, Serbia, FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Albania and Armenia.

"Martisorul" dance group

The group was formed in 1992 by some members of "Doina Studentilor" who stayed in London. The group performs suites and choreographies from many ethnographic regions of Romania.

The group is led by Igor Cojucar and has invited guest teachers Emil Urcan and Silviu Ciuciumis to add to group's repertoire.

For bookings please contact:

e-mail: martisorul'@'eliznik.org.uk If you are a dancer interested in joining, the group rehearses in central London, Mondays 7.00 - 9.00 pm


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