Raybould family tree

This branch of the Raybould family appeared in the Birmingham area in the early 19th century. I have been unable to link it back beyond Thomas Raybould born c 1811 although there is a  link made on the IGI to the Raybould's of ? but after much deliberation I am not convinced this is correct.  All the branches I have followed of this family die out or the the name is lost by marriage. I would love to hear from anyone who may have further information on this or any connection to this tree.

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b 1811
Mary Ann Helmes
b 1812
Joseph Raybould
b 1834
b 1858
Mary Eliza Raybould
b 1860
Edward Lloyd
b 1860
Elizabeth Raybould
b 1862
Walter Gould
Joseph Samuel Raybould
b 1863
William Raybould
b 1865
Jane Evans
b 1865
b 1866
Harry Raybould
b 1868
Lydia Lloyd
b 1885
Sydia Gould
b 1892
Sarah Ford
b 1865
Edith Elise Raybould
b 1893
William Lloyd
b 1887
Elvie Gould
b 1895
 Joseph T Raybould
b 1893
Eva Florence Raybould
b 1895
Edwin G Kidd
b 1895
Reginald Raybould
b 1896
George Lloyd
b 1888
Stanley Gould
b 1898
Ina W Vine
b 1901
Mary Amelia Raybould
b 1902
 Emily Lloyd
b 1890
 Clarence Raybould
c 1925
 Beatice Lloyd
b 1892
Frank Lloyd
b 1896