Owen family tree

I have traced this branch of the Owen family back to the late 18th century in Worcestershire. My branch of this family either dies out or the the name is lost by marriage. I would love to hear from anyone who may have further information on this or any connection to this tree.

Click the names in bold to expand the tree, some also have popup information boxes. Please e-mail me at eliznikeliznik.org.uk

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Alfred James Owen
b 1831
Mary E Law Holdich b 1828
Alfred William Owen
b 1859
Mary Bright
b 1860
Amy Frances Owen
b 1864
Alfred W Alabaster
b 1866
Ernest Owen
b 1879
 Minnie Hatherton
c 1870
William A S Owen
 Dorothy Owen
b 1885
 Margaret Alabaster
b 1892
Margaret Owen
b 1889
 Leslie Owen
b 1886
Iris M Lawrence
c 1890
 Mollie Alabaster
c 1902
Leonard Owen
b 1887
 Evangeline Davies
c 1890
 Winifred Owen
 Arthur C Owen
b 1891
 Rose Phyllis B
b 1916
 Lilian Owen
b 1896
 Kathleen Owen
b 1893
 Grace Owen
b 1896
 Mary Owen
b 1899