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We occasionally teach workshops, and sometimes post the programme on our website.

Date   Notes Programme
next date to be announced Watford    
8-January-05 Cecil Sharp House, London SIFD workshop Click here!
29-November-04 Watford Session cost ~£4:00 West Bulgarian "returning dances": Graovska, Radomirsko, Kjustendil, etc. Transylvanian girl's dance: Crihalma
23-October-04 Cecil Sharp House, London
1pm - 2pm
Post workshop dance list  
17-October-04 Watford Post workshop dance list "Rustemul & Paiduška" family of 5/8 dances from southern Romania & Bulgariaour "Rustemul & Paiduška" programme
3-October-04 Hursley IFD, nr. Winchester Post workshop dance list  
19-September-04 Watford Post workshop dance list "Brâuleţul" family of dances from southern Romania - our "Brâuleţul" programme

"Pirinsko" type dances from Bulgarian Pirin-Macedonia

27-June-04 Watford Post workshop dance list Bukite (Bitola, Macedonia) - Kopanica sytle dance, taught in the UK by Ibrahim Riebski
30-May-04 Watford Post workshop dance list Şchioapa (south Romanian) - a fast and showy version of the Oltenian Briul introduced by Alexandru and Mihai David

Četvorno - (west Bulgaria) - taught in the UK by Jaap Leegwater, from Elin Pelin near Sofia

21-Mar-04 Watford Gankino (Bulgaria) - learnt in Lovich, BulgariaPoloxia de la Goicea (Romania) - taught in the UK by Silviu Ciuciumis