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As developed by Theodor Vasilescu and Sever Tita. Note this is only an overview of the most used symbols -> previous page




Direction the direction continues after a symbol until the next symbol  
    the tag indicates the facing direction and the arrow indicates the movement direction
note the extra bar for forwards and backwards symbols

moving sideways right facing centre ; moving sideways right facing out ;
moving backwards facing centre ;
moving forwards to centre
    steps in place, facing direction indicated by tag
    moving along a course, such as arc
  Turns the final position is indicated by the tag ; the start position by the start of the arrow

1/8 th turn clockwise to face centre ;
full turn clockwise ;
full turn clockwise spanning a number of steps

Head & Body

Head tilts head tilted 15 degrees to left ;

head tilted back 15 degrees

body tilted 15 degrees to left ;

body tilted forward 15 degrees


Arms to side home position with arms down next to body, forward is above line, backward is below line
  Raised to side angle relative to home position,

left arm only at 45° ; both arms at  45°

  Raised forward & back tag indicates arms forward or back

right arm 90° forwards ; both arms 90° forwards ; both 15° back ; right arm diagonally forward at 135°
    bend at elbow

right arm 90° forwards with elbow bent to 90°; both arms 45° forwards with elbows slightly bent; both 45° forwards with elbows fully bent
  Shoulder & fore arm rotations rotation at the shoulder R, rotation of fore arm r, examples for arms raised in front:

rotated at shoulder, left palm up, right palm down ;

rotation at fore arm, left palm up, right palm down ;

rotation of right only, at shoulder and fore arm, palm facing out

    right hand on waist, thumb backwards
  Claps & finger clicks claps indicated by x at both arms

clap in front ; clap behind

finger clicks indicated by x at single arm

left finger click in front ; left and right finger click in front

  Leg slaps the operating hand indicated by tag,

the leg part to be contacted: 3=foot, 2=lower leg 1=upper leg z=ground

the position of the number indicates left or right leg being contacted

inside or outside of leg part indicated by -


Accents & Heels

Stamps Stamp without weight - single bar

Stamp with weight - double bar

  Heel clicks Both feet on ground

right closes to left ; left closes to right

both close together




    The moving foot is off the ground

right closes to left ; left closes to right

both close together in the air


Knees & Rotations

Bending of knee fully bent ; 90 degrees ; slightly
    return from bent position
  Rotations Rotation of leg at hip R

Rotation of foot at ankle r

Direction and angle shown by arrow, this example is 45degrees anti-clockwise


Part of the foot in contact with the floor Ball of foot ; toes only

Whole foot ; heel


    Stretching of foot
    Small lift of heel
  Crossing in front ; behind ;


Legs left leg ; right leg
    Placing leg without weight
  Relative to other leg not passing ; closed
  Magnitude small ; very small
    large ; very large
  Directional movement forward ; side ; diagonally
  Raised leg Raised ; raised forward at 90 degrees ; raised with small forward-back kick
  Gliding front to back ; back to front

Links & Elevations

Simultaneous Links simultaneous actions of left and right legs
  Legato Links and same leg when there is no action from this leg (left in this example) during movements of the other leg (right in this example)
  Hops & jumps Landing on left leg

If the previous step was with the left this would be a hop, if the previous was with the right this would be a leap

    Jump, landing on both feet simultaneously