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As developed by Theodor Vasilescu and Sever Tita. Note this is only an overview of the most used symbols -> next page




symbols for men and women man symbols:     

    woman symbols: 


circle, open circle and line

(note: these examples are
mixed circle, women's
open circle, men's line)


circle and line holds V hold:
  (note: heads show men,
women or mixed formations)
hands held, arms straight down hold:
    W hold: 

    hands crossed in front:
     hands crossed behind:
    hands to neighbours belts:
    shoulder hold:  
    arms straight up:
    arms held obliquely up:  
    hands held horizontally:


step rhythm counts: 1/4 beat, 1/2 beat, 1 beat, 2 beats

(note: a dot after the symbol increases the length by 50%)

  non-step rhythm counts: 1/4 beat, 1/2 beat, 1 beat, 2 beats
  counts groups into measures:    e.g. 1 & 2; pause, step, &


repeated measure: repeat previous measure once, twice
  repeated sequence: repeat section once
    repeat section 8 times
  opposite footwork or direction repeat with the option of including opposite footwork or direction
  first time / second time bars repeat, but without the "first time bar(s)" and with the "second time bar(s)"