Făgăraş castle - Braşov

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The Făgăraş region was first mentioned in 1222 as Terra Blachorum (land of Vlachs) but by late 12th century was under Hungarian rule and by 1291 was colonised by Saxons, with the   settlement called Fogros.

A 12th century wooden fortress with earthen walls was destroyed by the Tartars in 1241. The current fort was started by the Transylvanian prince Ladislaw Kán in 1310, and was intermittently under the rule of Wallachian princes between 1368-1478, then under Hungarian rule until the end of the 17th century during which it was enlarged in Renaissance style by successive Transylvanian princes.

The exterior wall of the castle was erected in the first half of the 15th century.

The castle was owned by the Hapsburg's from 1696,  Chancellor Gabriel Bethlen from 1738,  Saxons from 1765, and by the end of the 18th  century it was a military headquarters and barracks.

The castle now houses the Museum of Făgăraş and a restaurant and cafe.


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