Polovragi - Gorj

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Woman's costume

Blouse (ie) made of white cotton, decorated with black embroidery called Punctul 'Ciocănele'  which gives the appearance of vertical bands of  black braid on the sleeves and front of the blouse. 

Black front and back aprons (catrinţe) made of a single width of black woven material, with crochet black lace on the sides and a fringe made of black silk thread on the hem.

Black fabric waistcoat  (ilic)

White cotton underskirt (poale)

Factory made headscarf  


Man's costume

Black felt shepherd's hat (pălărie din fetru) with a very narrow brim.

Black fabric waistcoat (laibăr)

Gusseted shirt - Cămaşă cu barburi

Narrow leather belt

Summer trousers (izmene) made of cotton or linen fabric

Note - these costumes are the same as those worn in Sibiu on the other side of the Carpathian mountains.


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Photo taken of couple from Polovragi in Gorj, at Astra Museum, Sibiu, August 1998 during a fair of traditional crafts.




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