Făgeţelu Chilia - Olt

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Woman's costume

Gathered neck silk chemise (cămaşă încreţită) with traditional gathering (creţuri) using silk thread at the neck and  with open sleeves. It has a wide horizontal band  of turquoise blue embroidery just below the shoulders on the sleeves, and lozenge shaped motifs of embroidery on the front.

Wrap round skirt (fotă) made of a single width of silk material in olive green with woven vertical strips in and motifs in gold and purple, and a matching band of motifs round the hem.  This style of fotă was fashionable in the early 20th century,

Modern straw hat!


Man's costume 

White linen straight shirt (cămaşă dreapta) with no collar.

Summer trousers (izmene) made of cotton or linen fabric

Waistcoat (laibăr) made of black felted woollen fabric (postav).

Felt trilby hat (Pălărie din fetru



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Photo of couple from Făgeţelu Chilia in Olt taken at Astra Museum, Sibiu, August 1998 during a fair of traditional crafts.



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