Domneşti - Argeş

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Man to left of picture is wearing a black căciulă (sheepskin shepherds hat) with a shepherd's cloak called sarică or bituşca, made of several sheepskins worn fleece outside.  The one in the picture has long sleeves which are left hanging (i.e. not used as sleeves).

Man to right has a basic cloak (tol) over his shoulder made of brown check fabric and a black felt shepherd's hat (pălărie din fetru) with a very narrow brim.

Both are wearing  Tight winter trousers (cioareci) made of woven white woollen fabric.


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Photo was taken in Domneşti, northern Argeş, in May 1999. This village is on the south side of the Carpathians. Similar shepherd's cloaks are also worn along the north side of the Carpathians.




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