Salva - Bistriţa-Năsăud

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Gathered neck linen chemise (cămaşă încreţită) with sleeves gathered at wrists, and frill at neck, and frilled cuffs. It has a horizontal band  of brown embroidery just below the shoulders on the sleeves, and narrow rows of embroidery on the frilled cuffs.

Sleeveless sheepskin flared waistcoat (pieptar) covered with brown velvet and edged with appliquéd leather, and decorated with brown embroidery.

Blue narrow woven woollen front apron (catrinţă) with two black woven horizontal stripes decorated with multicoloured floral embroidery, and a row of green crochet lace on the hem. (The back apron which is not visible is a catrinţă with horizontal woven stripes in red, brown and black.)

Brown printed floral headscarf

Woollen cloth bag (traistă) with woven floral pattern


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Photo taken on Easter Sunday in Salva village, April 2002





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