Ţopa - Mureş

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Gathered neck chemises (cămaşă încreţită), with sleeves open at wrists, decorated with vertical rows of black embroidery on front and sleeves, and wide bands of embroidery called altiţe.on the shoulders

Black front and back aprons (catrinţe) made of a single width of black material with woven strips in gold, and blue thread. edged with black crochet lace, and with a fringe of black and gold thread on the hem.

Narrow fabric belts (brâie)made of ribbon in the colours of the Romanian flag  

Waist length black velvet waistcoats  (ilice)

White pleated cotton underskirts (poale)

Black cotton head scarf.



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Photo taken in the village of Ţopa, Mureş, in April 2001






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