Gura Râului - Sibiu

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Blouse (ie) made of white cotton, decorated with black embroidery called Punctul 'Ciocănele'  which gives the appearance of vertical bands of  black braid on the sleeves and front of the blouse. 

Black front and back aprons (catrinţe) made of a single width of black woven material, edged with a narrow row of black lace

Black velvet waistcoat  (ilic)

Pleated white cotton underskirt (poale)

Wide brimmed straw hat (pălărie din paie) decorated with a band of black velvet worn over a black fringed scarf called broboadă


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Photo taken in village of Gura Râului, Mărginimea Sibiului in August 1998, on Sunday lunch time, when we just happened to reach the village as the church was emptying after the Sunday service.





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