Women's costume from county of Prahova

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Modern blouse (ie) with gathered neck (cămaşă încreţită), made in the Breaza Co-operative, Prahova, made of thin fabric with  traditional embroidered decoration. A  rectangular strip is embroidered in red and black across the top of the shoulder (altiţă), with a narrow white strip below this (încreţ), and vertical stripes (râuri) in red and black on the front and sleeves.

Underskirt (poale) with a row of co-ordinating embroidery on hem.

Pleated wrap round skirt (fota creaţă or fotă încuctată) made of a one or two widths of black woven woollen material, with a wide woven red border on the front and hem.

Narrow woven red fabric belt (brâu)




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