Romanian costume parade - Maramures

Women's costume from county of Maramureş, zone Maramureş

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Chemise with yoke (cămaşă cu platcă) and square neck. Sleeves are gathered at the shoulders and wrists, with frilled cuffs and frills on yoke and shoulders. They are decorated with white embroidery and open work, with a narrow row of black, and blue embroidery on the cuff gathers.

Sheepskin pieptar edged with appliqué leather decoration and decorated with embroidery in red, blue, yellow and green wool and inset with small pieces of mirrors and studs.

Striped aprons (zadii) made of a single width of woven wool with horizontal red, blue, green and black stripes.

A beaded necklace (zgardane) made of several rows of small multicoloured beads threaded onto strings.


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