Men's costume from county of Bistriţa-Năsăud

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Man's costume 

White linen straight shirt with yoke (cămaşă cu umeraş), decorated with with white crochet lace with yellow motifs on lower sleeves and hem, and rows of yellow embroidery on yoke, above hem, ends of sleeves and round neck opening. The collar is decorated with small brightly coloured beads (mărgele) in floral patterns. The front and back of the shirt are gathered at the shoulders where they are attached to the yoke, and a panel with pleats is inset to form the front opening.

Hip length sheepskin jacket (pieptar), decorated with appliqué red leather, red silk embroidery and covered with multicoloured woollen tassels.

Wide leather belt (chimir cu meşină) decorated with narrow multicoloured stripes of thin coloured leather  called meşină



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