Women's costume from county of Maramureş, zone Lăpuş

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Gathered neck chemise (Cămaşă cu mâneca din gât) with sleeves gathered at the wrists with a small frill (fodor). There is a wide horizontal band of geometric red, blue and yellow embroidery above the elbow, this style of decoration being known as cămaşă cu şire peste cot, with a horizontal rows of red embroidered motifs on the gathers forming the frill, above the sleeves and two rows on the frills on the sleeve ends.  A wide row of white crochet lace is attached at the wrists. There are also fine vertical rows of embroidery down the sleeves and on the front of the chemise. The neck opening is edged with a narrow row of red, yellow and blue a embroidery.

White linen underskirt (poale) with drawstring at waist.

Front and back aprons (catrinţe) made of a single width of blue woven material. On the lower part the front apron (prag) has a wide band of red, yellow, green and white woven decoration arranged in horizontal rows, with red, yellow, green and white woollen fringes attached to the hem. The back apron has a narrower band of co-ordinated woven decoration and fringes. Aprons are tied round the waist using narrow red cords called 'frimbii'.




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