Fur, Felt and Straw hats summary

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Banat White căciulă
Maramureş, Oas,  
Maramureş Small brimmed black felt or straw hat worn called clop
Oaş Clop
made of felt or straw decorated with necklaces (zgărdane) and ostrich feather
Codru Very high straw hats
Crişana Black felt hats with turned up brims
North Transylvania  
Năsăud Wide brimmed black felt hats with Roată de păun
- a semicircle of peacock feathers up to 65cm in diameter.
South Transylvania  
Sibiu & southern Carpathian shepherds Black felt hats
Sibiu hats
with very small brim, or Shepherds căliculă particular to Sibiu sheep breeders, wider at top than bottom
Ţara Haţegului, Munţii Apuseni Wide brimmed hat with brim tuned under
Hunedoara Black felt hats with turned up brims
Haţeg Tall căliculă
Oltenia  Căciulă or black felt hat.
Gorj / Dolj Older style căciulă is cylindical, more recently conical căciulă are worn.
Vâlcea Cylindrical căciulă worn with top turned in.
Muntenia Căciulăor black felt hat.
Dobrogea  Cylidrical or circular căciulă or felt hat with raised brim
Moldavia - North  
Bucovina Black felt hat with turned up brims
Iaşi Old style - very wide brimmed black felt hat
Suceava, Valea Bistriţei Wide brimmed hat with brim tuned under
Moldavia - Central & South  
Central Moldavia Wide brimmed black felts hat
Central and north Moldavia Grey căciulă


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