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Lugoj Women - waist length pieptar decorated with leather appliquéd and embroidery.
Făget Hip length pieptar with red decoration
NW Banat Coloured leather appliqué and mirrors embedded in leather
Bihor Waist length sheepskin pieptar decorated in green and red.
Maramureş, Oaş,  
Lapuş    Brown pieptar
Lapus pieptar

edged with black fur and decorated with red and green embroidery, or red embroidery and small pieces of coloured leather appliqué.

Maramureş, Iza Valley Sheepskin pieptar
is richly decorated with embroidery and leather appliquéd.
Maramureş Mara valley Small mirrors are inserted into the embroidery on sheepskin pieptar.
Maramureş Vişeu valley Sheepskin pieptar
edged with fur with appliqué leather decoration and woollen embroidery in floral patterns.
Ţara Oaşului Hip length man's brown leather pieptar
decorated with pressed patterns and small pink, blue and green woollen embroidered motifs
North Transylvania  
Călăţele (Kalotaszeg) Pieptar are decorated with solid brown woollen embroidery, and eyelets

Hungarian, white pieptar covered totally in embroidery mostly red.

Năsăud Men wear waist length pieptar
waist Pieptar

covered with brightly coloured woollen tassels.
Women wear flared pieptar


covered with brown and black velvet and edged with fur, and decorated with floral embroidery.

Valea Şieutului Bistriţa-Năsăud and Valea Mureşului Superior Cojoc
decorated with black or red floral motifs.
Men wear hip length pieptar
covered with brightly coloured woollen tassels.
Csik In winter men wear fur waistcoats decorated with leather appliqué instead of embroidery.  The fur waistcoat has cloth sleeves.
South Transylvania  
Alba Women wear waist length pieptar

edged with black velvet and a band of red leather, and decorated with isolated motifs of red and green embroidery.

Sibiu and Braşov Men's and women's Pieptar
and cojoc are usually decorated mostly with black embroidery with touches of red or blue and can have the opening at the side or at the front. Romanians have borrowed Saxon cojoc cut and decoration.
Sibiu Bituşcă, long sheepskin cloak with very long sleeves. In wet weather this is worn inside out to let water trickle down. Can be decorated in red & black.

Făgăraş Women – Short sheepskin pieptar decorated in red and black (young girls), or black (married women). Older version has side opening

Men – Pieptar side opening, decoration in red with black.
Bran Cojoac - sheepskin coat cut like modern jacket decorated in red & black
Sălaj Pieptar are made of brown leather
Pădureni Sleeveless sheepskin waistcoat called 'cojoc' richly decorated with red, green and blue coloured wool but with characteristic 4 'moon' shapes uncovered on back.
Gorj White fabric waistcoat called vestă

made of aba and decorated with black braid, forms part of portul schileresc

Romanaţi, Waist length, decorated with rosettes and spirals mostly in red, buttons up, black fur edging. (same decoration can be seen in Pleven, Bulgaria in 19C)
Argeş, Vâlcea, Gorj Long sheepskin cloak called sarică or bituşca
worn by shepherds along the south Carpathians
Câmpia Munteniei White or brown cojoace decorated with embroidery in large spirals or large floral patterns
Moldavia - North  
Rădăuăţi Women - Pieptar cu poale
Pieptar cu poale
- sheepskin vest with flared skirt.
Câmpulung Moldovenesc Pieptar
edged with polecat fur.
Fălticeni Cojoc and Pieptar decorated with several horizontal bands of floral embroidery, plus vertical band down front.
Gura Humorului Edged with black lambs skin and less elaborate ornamentation.
Valea Bistriţei

Pieptar called' bondiţa '
is decorated with floral embroidery in coloured wool.
Moldavia  - Central and South  
Neamţ Hip length & flared skirt, edged in grey wool.
Bacău Cojoc and Pieptar decorated with ornamental lines like 2 thin stems also seen on other parts of costume. Less decoration than Neamţ and not flared, also grey edged.
Surrounding Countries  
Serbia (Vojvodina) Kiožuh – woman’s waistcoat of sheepskin ornamented with multicoloured leather appliqué and small mirrors. Back length 30 - 38 cm.

Bulgaria Sheepskin - waist or knee length, open in front, festive version decorated with appliqué work in coloured leather or embroidery.


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