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Ion Luţă Ioviţă

Born in Dalci, near Caransebeş. He was a clarinetist who took up the then new Taragot instrument while in the Hungarian military between 1906 and 1909.

Discography: Electrecord EPC 727, Electrecord EPD 1202

Luca Novac

Born in 1941 in Dalci, near Caransebeş into a family of musicians. Brothers: Geza plays trumpet, Cornel the accordion, Silviu the saxophone.


Electrecord EPC 10.307, Electrecord EPC 757, Electrecord EPC 851,  Electrecord ST-EPE 01371, Electrecord ST-EPE 01794, Electrecord ST-EPE 03317, Electrecord ST-EPE 03967, Studio Otila ACO 0009, Electrecord ST-EPE 02222, Electrecord STC 000660, Electrecord EDC 218

Remus Bistriţa

Discography: Electrecord EPC 10.048

Dumitru Fărcaş

Born in the county of Maramureş, to a family of singers. His musical skills were noticed and he went to the "Gheorghe Dima" conservatoire of Cluj where he first graduated as an oboeist, then later in the clarinet and taragot. Whilst studying he set up the folk music orchestra of the students centre.


Electrecord EPC 939,  Electrecord ST-EPE 00896, Electrecord ST-EPE 01334, Electrecord ST-EPE 02563, Electrecord STC 000048, Electrecord STC 001384, Electrecord EDC 160,

Petrica Pasca

Plays melodies from Ţara Zarandului, with the Arad orchestra.


lectrecord ST-CS 00319, Electrecord STC 001172, Electrecord EDC 183

Ion Olan & Constantin Olan

Family of musicians from Caransebeş, region of Banat


Ion Olan - Eurostar CDS-239, Constantin Olan - Eurostar CDS-020, Studio Otila ACO 0013, Formatia Olanii - Studio Otila ACO 0029


Ion Peptenar

Born in 1953, in Timişoara, region of Banat, to a family of musicians.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 03027, Electrecord ST-EPE 3653


Petrica Vasile


Electrecord EPC 318, Electrecord EPC 757, Electrecord EPC 851


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