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This page lists the majority of the professional multi-instrumentalist pipe musicians recorded by the Romanian state company Electrecord. Some the Electrecord recordings are now available on CD.

Pipe musicians are generally from rural Romanian backgrounds and not from gypsy lăutari families. In the town and state ensembles they play fluier and caval, with additions of tilinca, nai, cimpoi (bagpipe) and may be other not so common pipes, clarinet or taragot, and when it comes to their solo this is most often a suite which progresses through all the different pipes in succession.

Constantin Ceausu

Discography: ST-EPE 03016

Marin Chisăr

Born in the village of Goicea Mare, county of Dolj, Oltenia, in 1912. He worked on a farm until the 1930s when he was discovered and he repertoire recorded by Constantin Brăiloiu. He was soloist in "Ciocârlia" (1952) playing caval, fife and bagpipe, "Gheorghe Zamfir" (1972).

Discography: EPC 143, EPC 352, EPC 494, ST-EPE 01362, ST-EPE 1140

Ion Fărcaş

Musician and pipe maker performers tunes from the Mare and Gurghiu valleys.

Discography: ST-EPE 03725

Ion Ionescu

Argeş county.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 03655, Eurostar E-310

Mihai Lăcătuşa

Famous teacher of the tilincă from Bucovina.

Discography: Electrecord 10.578

Ion Lăceanu

Born in the village of Saceni, Teleorman county, in 1936. He learnt to play the fluier and caval from his father, later learning the cimpoi and fish scale. Originally training as an electrician, he became a professional musician in 1953 in "Perniţa".

Discography: Electrecord EPC 906, Electrecord STM-EPE 0802, Electrecord ST-EPE 01210, Electrecord ST-EPE 02022

Iacob Lăceanu

Discography: ST-EPE 02022

Silvestru Lungoci

Born in the village of Horodnic de Jos, Suceava county in 1939. Started playing the fuieraş (small open end pipe), then fluier mare, learnt the tilincă from Mihai Lăcătuş. Soloist in "Ciprian Porumbescu" Suceava.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 01023

Nicolae Pleşa

Born in the village of Laloş, county of Vâlcea, Oltenia. He is a maker of many types of pipes and soloist in "Brâuleţul" of Constanţa (1968).

Discography: ST-EPE 02542

Constantin Sofian

Born in Bucovina, soloist in "Ciprian Porumbescu" Suceava.

Discography: EPC 10.350, ST-EPE 02305

Ion Vaduva

Born in the village of Alunul, county of Vâlcea, Oltenia. He was in the "Barbu Lăutaru" orchestra as a soloist on fluier, caval, and ocarina, plus playing violin. Later in "Frunză verde" he also played cobza, cimpoi and viola.

Discography: EPC 10.064, EPC 10.201, ST-EPE 01569


Dumtru Zamfira

Born in the village of Novaci, county of Gorj, Oltenia, in 1940. He is with armature ensembles in Târgu Jiu (1957), soloist with "Doina Olteniei" in Craiova, then many foreign tours.

Discography: EPC 10.118, EPC 440, ST-EPE 01287,
ST-EPE 02151, STC 000481


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