Minorities in Romania

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Please read our views on 'Identity' which clarifies some 'Nationality' issues

Romanian 20,500,000 plus 2,600,000 in Republic of Moldova
Albanian ~10,000 mainly in towns on Wallachia
Bulgarian ~10,000 mainly in Dobrogea, around Babadag, some villages in Banat
Croat ~5,000 few villages near Reşiţa in Banat
Czech ~few 100 few mining villages in Banat from the 1820s
Gagauz 173,00 in the Republic of Moldova
German 150,000 1993 data, 1988 data 500,000, 70% emigrated to Germany
Hungarian 2,500,000
Hutsul (Ukraine) ~4,000 all Ukainian ~67,000
Polish 10,000
Romani (Gypsy) 1,000,000
Rusyn (Ukraine) all Ukainian ~67,000
Serbo-Croat 80,000
Slovak 20,000
Turkish 150,000 mainly along Danube in south east Romania
Tartar (Turkish-Islamic) 25,000 mainly in Dobrogea

Other recognised minorities in Romanian are Italians, Czech, Jewish, Greeks, Lipovens, Armenians, Croats, Serbs, Slavic-Macedonians.


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