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Set couple dance form

Throughout history the latest dance fashions are introduced to the local dance repertoire at social functions. These are adapted into the village context taking aspects of the local dance style, step patterns, figures or music.

In Romanian dance terms, this category includes all otherwise not included couple dance types, most of which have arrived or developed after the early 19th century.

This "classic" Romanian ethnologist classification gives a few, rather open, distinguishing features;

Possibly due to the large fund of older types of dance, these newer couple dances are not so often included in stage choreographies or taught to those studying Romanian dance.

The more recent dance fashions of Waltz and Tango are deeply imbedded in the social dance repertoire, although not normally included in 'traditional dance' studies. For example the Vlaşa region village of Răsuceni in southern Muntenia includes the dances Ceardaşul (Romanian spelling for 'Csardas') and Poloneza.

Set couple dance types

A list of included couple dance types;

Set dances
change by command
walking & turning
Polca, Polcuţa


Choreographic form, motifs, & music

type names form structure motifs music
change by command Muşamaua        
Polca, Polcuţa        
Germanic Roata de şapt paşi, Porka and Hétlépés (Szek)        
walking & turning Ciobănaşul, Foricica        
Quadrille Jurelul        



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