Dance cycles

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The dance cycle with the promenade followed by the slow turning and fast turning dances is found from Scandinavia through east Europe, Moravia, Slovakia and Poland, to Transylvania. The Starodavny of Moravia consists of walking followed by turning. The dance sequence in central Poland consists of the slow walking Chodzony followed by the Kujawiak slow turning dance then the quick turning dance Mazurek or Oberek, which are now blended into one dance. This blending is also seen in the Polska from Sweden where the promenade has been shortened into the försteg which precedes the turning steps. In Transylvania the Romanians have maintained separate dances. The Romanian purtata and învârtita are danced to the old asymmetric 10/8 (4+3+3) rhythm (see music section) except in north Transylvania where simple 2/4 music predominates. The Hungarian equivalents are mostly 2/4 with a few exceptions from the mixed population regions.


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