Middle Eneolithic period, 4000 BC

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The Balkans are divided into four major groups:

The east Balkans were dominated by the Gumeliţa culture whose influence spread south into Thrace, and eventually across the Rodopes. This was characterised by graphite painted pottery.

The Cucuteni- Tripolye-Ariuşd cultural group covered Moldavia, southern Ukraine, and east Transylvania. The pottery was decorated in bold multi-coloured geometric designs.

The Lengel culture of Hungary and central Europe was derived from the linear pottery groups and had predominantly mono-chrome painted pottery.

The Sălcuţa-Krivodol-Bubanj group with impressed pottery decoration in the central Balkans.

Tourist places to visit:

Cucuteni museum

The museum is just north of the village of Cucuteni (note: pronounced koo-koo-ten) near Iaşi in Moldavia and houses collection of finds from the eneolithic to iron age around a bronze age bee-hive tomb. More Cucuteni pottery can be found in the Bucaresti, Piatra Neamt museums. 

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