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Bulgarian transliteration

1) Common English names where they exist as this is an English language website.

2) Other place names use the Bulgarian institute for standardization transliteration of the Bulgarian, but we like 'â' for 'ъ' to avoid mispronunciation.

3) For many specific terms the usual form is the UN system transliteration.

Bulgarian traditional costumes
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About this website:

In time we hope to expand our website on Bulgaria to complement our website on Romania. Again we have was based this first version on an earlier booklet we produced for the ISTD to accompany their Bulgarian dance syllabus.

This site is permanently under construction and expands as time allows.

Our rewards are the contacts and interesting responses.

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Traditional folk costumes, dances, music and history from Bulgaria

Bulgarian folk dance, Bulganian folk costume, Bulgarian folk music

Dance seminars 2014

NEW Dance School Forom, Dance and cultural tours of Romania 2014

Dance School Forom (formerly The Doina Foundation), Aarhuispad 22, 3067 PR Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Phone: +31-10-421 86 22, e-mail: stichting.doina(at)hetnet.nl, Internet: www.StichtingDoina.nl

26 April – 3 May South-Carpathian Mountains, Valcea (Folklore area with dances from South-Transylvania, Oltenia and Muntenia)

18 – 25 October Brasov and Sibiu, Transylvania

NEW Dans Romanesc "Ethnographic voyage in Transylvania"

First edition was June-July 2013 http://www.dansromanesc.ro/a

Program for the 3rd edition, 1-12 July 2014 http://www.dansromanesc.ro/

Romanian Dance Seminar - Timisoara, Romania
Look out at Banatfolk and Timisul websites:

Bulgarian traditional costumes (ethnic dress, national dress)

Bulgarian folk costume in Bulgaria is the garments that were worn in Bulgarian villages until the beginning of the 20th century. These garments were hand made in the villages using materials that were produced locally. The basic structure of the clothing worn by men and women for workdays and holidays remained the same for many hundreds of years, until urban influenced fashion and factory produced clothes became available. more >>>

Bulgarian traditional dance

Bulgaria is a relatively small country but within its modern boundaries a wide diversity of folk dance styles can be found. This is probably the main reason why Bulgarian dances prove so popular among international folk dancers. more >>>

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