Bulgarian over garments - cloaks, jackets and waistcoats

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Shepherds cloaks - Yamurlok or Opandzhak

The simplest and oldest form of over garment is the hooded shepherd’s cloak (yamurlok or opandzhak). These were made from woven goats hair or wool or a mixture of wool and goats hair, which was often woven in alternate brown and white rectangles. >>> more

Sheepskin jackets - Kozhuh or Kozhuhche

Jackets (kozhuh) and waistcoats (kozhuhche) made of sheepskin, usually worn with the fur on the inside are found in the north of Bulgaria along the Danube plain, and are similar to jackets found across the Danube in Romania. >>> more

Felted wollen overcoats, jackets and waistcoats

Over garments made of white felted woollen material were worn with the belodresnik and double aprons costumes in the north, with the shape and decoration of the garments worn by men and women being similar. Long or short sleeved coats (dolatnik aba, or anteriya) and sleeveless waistcoats (lek or elek), worn by men with chernodresnik were made of the same fulled dark woollen cloth as the potouri. >>> more

Fabric outer garments - linen, velvet or silk

In some areas of eastern Thrace and Dobrogea men’s sleeveless waistcoats and jackets were made from thinner red checked or striped material. In the north east these were often padded for extra warmth. >>> more


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